Audio-Visual Documentation

1. How to Grow Shiitake Mushroom? 

This short video briefly illustrates all the important procedures for Shiitake mushroom cultivation on logs.

This video is produced by ARDC Wengkhar in colloboration with OPM CARLEP.

A/V documentation number : CARLEP_IFAD KM2017/22/001

2. An Introductory Documentary on CARLEP

3. Video Tutorial on Doughnut Making

4. Video Tutorial on Cookies Making at Home

5. Video Tutorial on Training and Prunning Kiwi 

6. Koufouku International Limited – A Link in the Dairy Value Chain in the East

7. How to Make Shiitake Mushroom Spawn?

8. Making your own Organic Nutrient Solution at home

9. Hydroponic Fodder: An Innovative Solution to Fodder Shortages

10. TASHI: The First Woman Community AI Technician in the East.

11.Persimmon Grafting: How to do Side-Veneer Grafting on Temperate fruit?

12.  How to do Pear Fruit Thinning?

13.  Drying Local Persimmon in Solar Dryer

14. Beginners’ Guide on How to Grow Oyster Mushroom




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