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July 13th, 2022

Unable to install modules kint due to missing modules kint. Could not execute because the application was not found or a compatible .NET SDK is not installed. CocoaPods is used to retrieve the iOS and macOS platform side’s plugin code that responds to your plugin usage on the Dart side. Without CocoaPods, plugins will not work on iOS or macOS.

Since there are many versions available, finding the correct version might be a problem. You can easily fix the problem with missing VCOMP140.DLL simply by copying the file from another PC. If you don’t have another PC nearby, you can always search your PC for VCOMP140.DLL.

Installing apache prompts that the program cannot be started because VCRUNTIME140 DLL is missing from the computer

If you feel that you need more information to determine if your should keep this file or remove it, please read this guide. The poll result listed below shows what users chose to do with vcomp140.dll. If you have additional information about the file, please share it with the FreeFixer users by posting a comment at the bottom of this page.

Try reinstalling, maybe delete the game folder to be extra sure too. The Vcomp140.dll error can often be detected when Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package is not working correctly. You should check for any updates or reinstall the software. First, use the Windows Updates search for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package to update/remove the earlier version to the newer one. Look at the descriptions in the table where you can choose the right file.

  • We have the correct resolution but we canВґt even open the program.
  • However, I have faced similar issues with other OS and python version combinations as well.
  • After this, there is some general information about the dll file in the form of a table whereby you can get to know the exact information.
  • The Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages, also known as of this application for Windows, so all questions should be directed to her.

The MSVCR120.dll file belongs to the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013. If it’s missing on your computer, something went wrong installing this package. So one way to fix msvcr120.dll is missing is to re-download the packages from Microsoft.

Fixing the vcomp140 dll Error

If it is absent or damaged, it may cause problems with your programs. Out of date files may not run in an up to date program. Start by launching the command line as an administrator (right-click to find the option) that you find in the search field using the keywords “command prompt”.

Error Vcomp140 dll: how to fix it?

If it still does not work, you may download and install the file through this link and try again. When the installation will be done all problems/errors will solve automatically. I was onsite again today with the customer having this problem.

VersaWorks in failing during installation. Error code indicates a missing “.dll” file. This error can be solved by manually reinstalling DirectX. The code execution cannot proceed because mfc140u.dll, MSVCR100.DLL, VCOMP100.DLL AND MFC140U.DLL was not found. Hi there, may I ask if you tried to restart Win 10 and open it again?

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